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tv   ABC7 News on KOFY 7PM  KOFY  July 6, 2014 7:00pm-7:31pm PDT

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>> a look at the crash of flight 214 at sfo a year later, include a pilot's perspective who saw the crash from the air. there could be good news for commuter, hoping a major bay area interstate is open for the drive to work tomorrow. the thermometer peeks under the sun toys. when relief could be coming. abc7 news at 6:00 starts now. good inning and thank you for joining us. i'm ama daetz. it was a sunny day for most of the bay area. in fact some people felt triple digit heat. this is a live look from the emeryville camera and you can see no clouds, just plenty of blue sky. frances dinglasan has more on the heat, with a look at live
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doppler 7hd. >> good evening. you can see with live doppler 7hd exactly why things heated up. very little cloud cover, even along the coast, sparse at best. here are the highs for today. triple digits in a few locations, ukiah, 103. lakeport, 102, and near 100 in antioch at 99. 98, livermore. and then at the cost, half moon bay, nice beach day, 79 in santa cruz. now, the heat continues to build into tomorrow, so i'll let you know how warm it will be with your neighborhood temperatures and when you can expect some relief with the seven-day forecast. the heat is a problem for firefighters trying to contain 57,000-acre fire burning southeast of lake berryessa. firefighters are having to navigate rough terrain. a bulldozer tipped over today on
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the north side of the fire. the operator was taken to the hospital. the fire is moving through the area easily because of dry bushes and gusts of wind. more than 1300 firefighters have joined the response. it remains 30% contained. other firefighters across california are. aing up their battle skills with expectations of a dry, grueling summer, like the dozens of southern california firefighters who gathered today to brush up on their skills. the firefighters stewedied terrain maps and practiced terutal career in the summertime. sometimes they'll go 14 to 21 days without a day off. then get one or two days off and then have to go for another 14 or 21 days, and do that throughout the summer, over and over and over again. >> the firefighters say they usually don't see dry conditions like this in northern california until august or september. today marks one year since
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asian ya flight 214 slammed into the sea wall at sfo. three people died. nick smith lives from millbrae with more. >> you know, we have been out here most of the day watching families who have watched the planes come and go at sfo, and one year ago it was a day much like today, clear skies, one father told me he had the difficult task of explaining to his son the difference of life and death. >> i thought everybody on that plane was dead. 300 people. burned to death. >> this pilot did not want to give her name but has not been able to shake the image of the flight crashing at sfo one year ago today. >> we saw the entire approach coming in, and we saw them hit the sea wall. >> three people died as a result of the crash, 187 were injured. >> i was at work when i saw my dad's plane on fire, with all
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the flames. >> eunice is talking about her father, 47-year-old eugene raw, was on the flying and survived. we spoke with eunice by phone. >> definitely praying in the back of my mind, and i tried not to let the outside voices tell me that my dad didn't make it. >> after the plane clipped the sea well it spun for 330 degrees, broke into pieces and caught fire, and it happened on a day like today. with clear skies. >> was a little hard to talk about the crash because you don't see many crashes every day. >> matthew and his son daniel come to the park to watch planes take off and land regularly. after the crash, matthew had a talk with his son no father enjoys, one about life and death. >> just being open about things and talking about life and death and things, helps him integrate it. >> last month the ntsb determined the pilots made serious mistakes on approach and landing of the plane. before the plane crashed a
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member of the crew deactive visited the automatic speed control system without knowing it. i it was fatal because the pilots didn't notice the plane was losing speed altitude. >> the pilots mississippi understand some command they're automation' not become overreliant on it. the pilot must always be the boss. >> but the ntsb says other factors contributed, including fatigue among the crew and pilot training issues. >> have not addressed the fundamental issue in the crash. >> captain dick deeds is an aviation expert and says the ntsb report was clear, these pilots were improperly trained. >> those pilots did not know how to fly the airplane, period. >> of the 307 people onboard, almost 200 were taken to area hospitals with injuries such as bruises, broken bones and spinal damage. three people died. eunice gives thanks her father wasn't one of them. >> my father survived and a lot 0 other families survived and three peoplemake it out, and i
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know those parents are mourning. >> it's been a year since the crash, and an official explanation as to what went wrong, and still many of the survivors fine it too difficult to talk about. in millbrae, abc7 news. >> los angeles international airport will spend $200 million to enhance safety at the ends and sides of all four runways, the project will bring lax in compliance with federal safety standards. work will include knew grading, storm drains, changed 0 airfield mash, and relocatings taxiways and instrument landing system. >> the tsa is taking a drastic step to help keep planes safe from terrorist attacks. on international flights into the united states, officers may ask passengers to turn on their electronic devices. the head of homeland security said today it's to prove the devices are working and are not hiding explosives. devices that have no power may
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be banned from flights. the tsa will have to coordinate the effort with foreign governments to approve changes to security. it is expected to folk us cust mostly -- focus mostly on flights from europe and the middle east. this is a precaution designed to prevent the next attack. work that shut down interstate 280 in san francisco is going well. so well, in fact, the roadway could re-open much sooner than previously thought. sergio quintana is live with the developing details. reporter: the construction crews have been working for more than 100 hours uninterrupted, and they've been making really great progress. you can see right now, all the construction crews have gone. just a few media people up here right now. caltrans is really just working on a few details they need to wrap up and they're pretty much going to be opening the 280 freeway in the next few hours. we took some video about an hour ago. all that was left was minor
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detail work. the concrete forms for the side rails were being removed' all the heavy lifting equipment was driven off. construction workers replaced a hinge that connects to connections of the freeway, two six-foot pieces were jack-hammered off and a brand new connecting hinge was installed. this race project that was scheduled to be completed by 5:00 a.m. tomorrow morning, but traffic will likely return to the northbound lanes of 280 in just a few hours and probably even before that. >> things are going very well. based on where we are now it appears we're going to be opening this, this evening sometime. reporter: about an hour ago, when i talked to williams, he tells me he was hoping motorists will be back on this stretch of the freeway by 9:00 tonight, but given the progress they're making it looks like that might happen a little earlier. after this project wraps up, the northbound lanes of the 280
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extension will be shut done one more time this year. that's going to be on labor day, when they're actually going to be working on two sections to be replaced two hinges will bell replaced for the project. that's just the last time that this stretch of northbound 280 will be shut down. reporting live on the 280 extension, sergio quintana, abc7 news. >> good to hear. john perez wants a recount in the primary race for state controller. he came in second behind san francisco's betty yee. she had just 581 votes more than him. perez is seeking recounts in 15 california counties. the winner faces the mayor for control of the position. >> why california taxpayers have spent tens of millions to repair a state building in sacramento, but just two decades ago, and why it could cost you tens of millions more. >> a new report shows how much
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of your personal data the nsa is collecting and keeping on file. and the new study has a shocking result. when researchers tried to find out how far americans would go to not sit alone in a room doing nothing.
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the nsa collected information and private conversations from thousands of ordinary americans white flying -- while spying on foreigners. the nsa intercepted messages
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that helped lead to the capture of terrorists overseas but in the process also found and kept conversations about things like romances or children's report cards. the information came from former nsa analyst edward snowden. according to the report over a four-year period the nsa collected information from nine times as many regular internet users than identified targets. state employees say the state-owned office building they work in is making them sick. a group of board of equalizize employees filed a $50 million claim this week. this is video from 201 when a window pane popped off and fell eight stories. nobody was hurt. the bill in the assembly would force the state to find a new building but the governor says that would cost $500 million. >> at 6:00, a blazing hot day for some folks in the bay area. today meteorologist frances dinglasan is up next with the
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forecast. >> tim lincecum continues to be the padres worst nightmare, and jeff smardzija living the
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here's a question for you. would you rather have time to sit alone with your thoughts or get an electric shock? think about it. a recent study suggests most men would prefer the shock. scientist asked people to sit alone with their thoughts for six to 15 minutes, and in a followup experiment men and women were given the option of sitting alone or giving themselves a shock. a quarter of women and two-thirds of men shocked themselves. scientists conclude our minds are wired to engage with the world rather than be alone, which they say explains why many of us play on our phones or other gadgets. >> how hot is it going to get this week? >> going to continue to sizzle tomorrow. live doppler 7hd showing us very little cloud cover, just along the coast. we have blue skies in this live shot, from sutro, looking
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towards downtown area of san francisco, and and we'll start to see high clouds tomorrow, temperatures in the 60s. gilroy, 87. half moon bay is cool at 59. from the east bay, we're looking out towards the west. you see some of that very thin marine layer out there along the coast. that's it. santa rosa, 81. napa, 76. novato, 84. fairfield, concord, livermore, 90s still. here's a beautiful shot downtown san jose. blue skies there. we're going to see overnight fog mainly along the coast. it will be warm to hot again tomorrow, and then a cooling trend kicks in mid-week, so that will slick relief for inland locations. the forecast animation shows fog along the coast tonight. then high-level clouds move in as well tonight. so we'll see slightly milder overnight lows.
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still, though, in the mid-50s for the most part. 54 in san francisco, 55, oakland, 59, san jose, livermore, 65. 65, antioch. we have this hot air mass that will continue to bring us warm temperatures into monday but i also wanted to point out some high-level moisture, some clouds sweeping in, as you can see here. so even though it will be warm we'll see some clouds and even possibly the areas of green, some rain in the higher elevations just east of fresno. so not rain for us, just out in the higher elevation. look for warm numbers in the south bay. so 85 in san jose, 94, morgan hill, and 74 in santa cruz. overall, still a very nice, warm day. low 80s from redwood city down to mountain view. 74 in millbrae. downtown san francisco, partly cloudy, 67 for you. 80s in sonoma and napa. we'll hit 100 in some locations,
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like cloverdale, clear lake, 101. ukiah, 102. in the immediate bay area not so much. look for 70s in the east bay. 75 in oakland to 82 in fremont. and inland areas, about the same as today. so that means 97 in livermore, 99 in antioch, and maybe the 100 in brentwood. i you're headed to the game tomorrow, colin says it might be a sellout. starts off around 67 at 7:05, cooling down to 60 after the sun sets at 8:34. here's the accuweather seven-day forecast. another nice day tomorrow. look out for hazy sunshine. wide range of temperatures. on tuesday we start to cool down, mid-week into next weekend, and then warm up again maybe for next sund plenty of sunshine for whatever you want to do. >> definitely. thank you. colin is in for shu. a new man on the mound for
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oakland. >> and i think the a's hope it's going to be a sellout when the giants come to town. a new man on the mound and was he ever go. smardzija is right. the a's didn't need him, doing fine without him. still, if his debut is any indication the a's just went from good to great. smashed gentleman played college football at notre dame. played like a champion. what a first impression. fourth inning. rbi single to right. jaso, rbi single to right. 3-0 oakland. smashed gentleman saved his best for last. strikes out the side, one run allowed on four hits, 108 pitches, 75 were strikes. welcome to oakland, jeff smardzija. the a's complete a four-game sweep of the blue jays. >> surprisingly slept pretty well last night. i was a little tired from the 18-hour trip from d.c. i slept all right and woke up
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and just excited. i'm used to having to hit and take bp so i have to adjust my clock. >> arrived five hours before the game. all-star team as i announced. the a's, six representatives going to target field in minneapolis, josh donald son starting, scott kashmir and doolittle and cespedes and moore and moss, smardzija made the list but is prohibited because of his trade. >> the years we have had guys on the team that are very talented, and that eventually you're going to see the hard work we have put in pay off. >> nothing in this group was taken for granted and nothing was promised, and we have all worked extremely lard to have this opportunity. >> the giants' fans dream. tim lincecum playing the padres. offensively, timmy getting run support. not a lot but enough.
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pence for the lead. morse into left. 3 or giants. timmy, no-hit the padres two starts ago. 6-1/3 today. allowed just three hits. this is one of them. brooks conrad in the seventh. lincecum's scoreless winning streak ends at 23. doesn't care that much. the giants win 5-3. also representatives from the giants, bumgarner, hunter pence are in, the shocker, no buster posey or tim hudson. roger federer wanted to prove he could win another wimbledon title at 42. joker lost five of his past six major finals and three in a row. roger going for a record eighth wimbledon title. fed ripped off five straight games, then serving at 6-5.
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one of novak's 27 unforced errors. djokovic played a fantastic tenth graham to break the champ. double match point, backhand from fed into the net. the second wimbledon title for djokovic. have some grass, buddy, tastes good. his seventh major title. thunder, rain and lightning postponed the coke zero a 400 until today. kasey kahne gets lose. 26 car pileup. earlier, 16 car wreck. three red flags today. this is the tail end of the pileup. lap 112. aric almirola, the leader when a another downpour and he wins. >> going to golf. angel cabrera, approaching the par-4 13th. the eagle.
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has landed. cabrera, fires a second consecutive 6-under 64, score good for a two-stroke victory. that's how you do it. just throw it up there, have it roll in the hole for an eagle. >> looks so easy. up next at 6:00, comedian melissa mccarthy has been a sure thing the box office, topping $100 million in her last three movies. this weekend her draw wasn't so strong. its marketing
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make helper with your favorite ingredients, for a fresh taste you'll love. helper. make it yours. helpers three-pack available at walmart. join me tonight at 9:00 on kofy tv cable 13. we'll show you new video of a shark attack in southern california and hear from the victim about the moment the shark's teeth sank in. at 11:00, the dramatic video of two planes nearly collide on an airport runway. tonight, what led up to the very close call. all coming up at 9:00 and 11:00. there were no fireworks at the box office this weekend. in fact it was the worst fourth of july weekend since adventures in baby-sitting debuted in 1987. i loved that movie. transforms came in first for the second straight week, though ticket sales dropped 63%.
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earning 36 million here in the u.s. in second place, tammy, earned 21 million. critics complain it's not the slapstick comedy they were expecting but was more of a character-driven indie film. that will do it for abc7 news at 6:00. i'm ama daetz, for frances dinglasan, colin rush, mike shumann, thank you for joining us. abc7 news continues online, twitter, facebook, with the abc7 news app. news app. see you at 9:00
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